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Apple Crunch

Crunch away on organic apple pieces rolled into fun-to-eat, tasty apple clusters. Each bag contains a full serving of fruit without any fat or preservatives. Enjoy right out of the bag or take breakfast to a whole new level and add to your favorite yogurt.

Single-Serving Bag

0.63 oz. bag
12-Pack (12 x 0.63 oz. bag)
$1.98 per bag - SAVE $2.50!
72-Pack (72 x 0.63 oz. bag)
$1.91 per bag - SAVE $20.00!

Multi-Serving Resealable Pouch

2.1 oz. bag
12-Pack (12 x 2.1 oz. bag)
$4.99 per bag - SAVE $6.00!
Nutrition Facts  |  
Ingredients: Organic Apples and Organic Apple Juice Concentrate.